Quiet time…

My week end was spent staying at home, pampering myself (face mask, body scrub, hair mask, etc.) and basically just cuddled in bed. The weather has been gloomy and showers every now and then. The kind of weather I am not fond of.

Saturday morning Vinny and I cleared out our closets (one thing I have been wanting to do for a long time already). I got so frustrated ‘cos if you look at my closet now it doesn’t look like it has been cleared. If there’s one thing I want and need is more space! I want a dressing room where I can see everything.

My week end was very mellow and unexciting. I watched 2 foreign movies in Netflix. Concubine (Chinese) and Amal (Indian). Nothing to rave about.

I woke up feeling very lazy today. We (kids and I) decided not to have lunch out (like we normally do every Sunday). We ordered and ate in my room. And cuddled some more.

I’m glad I gave myself some down time this week end. I will be busy this coming week since we have orders that needs to be delivered this week.

Last Friday I had lunch with my cousin in Wildflour (Salcedo) which was very near his office (Citibank). It was nice touching base.

How was your week end?









Top: Hollister  ||  Jeans: H&M  ||  Shoes: Chanel  ||  Bag: I bought it in a random store in Tokyo  ||  Sunglasses: Celine  ||  Willow Jewelry Necklaces


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