Loving the weather!

Who else is loving the weather these days? I know I am!

Yesterday I can’t believe it was already past 5:00pm and I still feel so fresh. I hardly sweat the whole day. Wow. Reminds me of Hawaii! Sunny, cool and Breezy. I hope it stays like this way for a long time!

So, it’s time to change my wardrobe. Out with all my shorts (maybe once in a while) and summer tops. And in with turtle necks (which is so in these days!) and chunky knits.

I have been nursing my cough and cold for the past weeks on and off. So, I have been feeling down the past days.

And I have been busy slowly decorating our home for Christmas. Hopefully our tree will be up already by next week.

I told Joshua to get our tree in the storage early this week.

Me: Joshua, kunin mo yung christmas tree sa storage – *Joshua get the tree from the storage.
Joshua: mukhang kailangan na palitan yun mam kasi sobrang tagal na yung tree natin –*looks like you need to change the tree mam, cos it is very old already.
Me: bakit sira na ba? – *why? Is it already broken?
Joshua: hindi naman mam – *No mam
Me: bakit natin kailangan palitan kung hindi sira? *- Why will we change it if it’s not broken?
Joshua: sinasabi ko lang sayo mam. Matagal na kasi yun. Ilang taon na rin. – *I’m just telling you mam, cos our tree is already very old. 
Me: sa tingin mo ba hindi ko alam matagal na yun eh ako ang bumili nun. Tumahimik ka dyn at kunin mo na. Mag patulong ka sa mga lalaki dyn – *Do you think I don’t know it’s old, I was the one who bought that? Shut up and ask the boys(drivers and houseboy) to help you.

Actually our tree is more than 19 years old already (Joshua is right). But it is still okay. I stored it so well (our carpenter made a big wooden box for the tree when we first got it) that it has lasted this long. But I’ll see. It’s still in the box in our living room. I have not opened it ‘cos our electrician (he’s the one who puts up our tree and the lights) is coming here on Monday yet. So, I’ll see. If I need to change it then I’ll change it.

I love dressing up when the weather is like this. I went out for a quick lunch yesterday and I wore this long chunky knit top. I paired it with a black mini skirt.






Top: Zara  ||  Black mini skirt: H&M  ||  Shoes: Zara  ||  Bag: Gucci  ||  Sunglasses: Rayban  ||  Watch: Cartier  ||  Willow Jewelry Horn Necklace  ||  Willow Jewelry Earrings


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