Beauty Sponges

I started wearing foundation when I was in college. Not regularly but I discovered it when I was in college. I think I learned it from my older sister, Susan. I copied her when it comes to make up when I was younger. I used to steal her lip gloss. hahaha

I love watching my Mom putting on make up when I was in grade school. I enjoy watching her. At that time it was my favorite thing to do.

I remember the brand way back then. Max Factor. It was ‘cake’ foundation and it came with a flat round sponge.

So way back then beauty sponge was already the right tool for applying foundation (damp sponge). Fyi, it is not Beauty Blender who started it.

Since cake foundation is already a thing in the past and liquid foundation is the most common foundation now, people usually use foundation brush.

Until Beauty Blender came. A $20.00 sponge. People are buying this egg shaped sponge because of the flawless finish.


Most of the high end brands now are coming out with beauty sponges because people prefer using beauty sponges and also they know that Beauty Blender is killing it in the market.

I prefer using beauty sponge. I bit the bullet and bought the $20.00 Beauty Blender when it first came out. Since then I have been using it when applying foundation and blending concealers.

Real Techniques (the famous drug store make up brushes) came out with their own beauty sponge 2 years ago. A very good dupe of the Beauty Blender.

And the rest followed.

Right now there’s a lot of beauty sponges in the market. Cheap but just as good as Beauty Blender. And it has evolved to a lot of different shapes. Different shapes for different use.

When my sister (from L.A.) came home last February one of the things that she bought me were these beauty sponges. I have tried using it already and I really love it. It is soft, blends well and flawless finish.

One of the set that my sister gave me.


I got a few sets when I was in L.A. and Florida. I picked it up from everywhere. Target, Ulta, Walmart, and Marshalls.






I love this macaroon shaped sponge!



I really love the colors and the different shapes! And I also love that it is as good (but cheaper) as Beauty Blender.

Choose well when you buy it. Not all are good. There are some that are not soft and has rough texture. So be careful.

Beauty Sponges 2017


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