This is the part of “empty nesting” that I love. Where you can just pack up and go with your friends. One such time was last week end when me, Roxanne and Claire decided to go to the beach.

Of course I made sure that my kids are busy while I’m not home.

Vinny had tennis games, Vito was playing golf with his Dad and Claudia was with Stef (bf) in Singapore to watch Cold Play concert.

And I told Adrian (houseboy) to bring the fur babies to the park every day.

Everything and everyone covered. Let’s go!


Claire has been wanting to bring us to their beach house in Punta Fuego for the longest time. But our schedules never coincide. It’s always one of us is out of the country.

Until last week when our schedules opened and all of us were in town. So, we blocked our week end right away.

I have never done this in a long time. It felt like my single days again. Going to the beach with friends. That was my life before. Always in the beach with friends.

Roxanne and Claire has known each other for at least 20 years while Roxanne and I has known each other for 30 years. A friendship that has been built for years. Therefore, there is trust and love for each other strong enough to sustain a wonderful week end.

And that was one of my best week end in a long, long time.

Claire and her family (hubby and kids) left Friday morning. Roxanne and I left Friday after lunch and the rest of the group followed Friday night and Saturday morning.

We were such a happy group and we enjoyed each other immensely. We kept on saying how lucky we are but Claire said no we’re not lucky, we are blessed.













the hostess with the mostest, my friend Claire Feliciano


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