Piero and Rain

I miss something very important today.

The wedding of the daughter of my good friend, Tina Mariano, and I was one of the principal sponsors.


Tina M. and I were excited for this big day for many months already and I did not expect that I would not be able to attend it.

2 days before I left for L.A. & Florida, I had a very bad back pain (to the point I had a hard time walking). I did not know what it was and I was very nervous. It could be my scoliosis, or UTI (my left side was also hurting). There was a lot going on in my head.

I decided to go to my Chiropractor first, Dr. Gab Flores. He checked me and he aligned my atlas. After aligning my atlas 95% of my pain went away. Right after the alignment I was able to stand up on my own (before going to Dr. Gabs clinic I had to be assisted in sitting down and standing up. The pain was so bad that every time Joshua (my driver) would brake or pass a hump I would scream. It was that painful.

I was so happy leaving his clinic! Yay, I can leave for my trip (I was thinking I might not be able to go to L.A.  Florida anymore).

But by afternoon the pain came back. The following morning I went to my O.B. Gyne. From my house to Makati Med was a very painful trip. It felt like the longest trip of my life. I kept on screaming and Joshua was so nervous.

When we got to Makati Med he asked me if I wanted a wheel chair. Mas lalo akong sumigaw. Noooooo, ayoko ng wheel chair! So, he helped me get out of the car. I walked slowly to the clinic of my O.B. Gyne.

I told my O.B. Gyne what happened. First thing she did was pap smear, then gave me requests for urinalysis, C.T. Scan of my tummy and lombard x ray (not sure of the name). She told me it is more like a pinch nerve more than a UTI. She gave me some pain meds (Arcoxia). I had all the tests done that same day. My results would come out in 2 to 3 days but I will already be in L.A. by that time. She said she will call me in Viber when the results will come in.

I drank Arcoxia and prayed. I left for L.A. the next day and hoped for the best. The medicine kicked in and I had a painless flight. When I got to L.A. the pain was gone. As in totally zero pain. I was so happy and on my third day I stopped my pain meds.

Fast forward over the week end.

I dunno what triggered it. It could be the boat rides, the jet ski rides, the long trip to Punta Fuego, or maybe I just had too much fun.

My back pain came back. With a bang.

Then I got nervous because I have a wedding to go to. I told my Doctor to do everything he can that I will be painless that day. Even for that day only.

In fairness to my Doctor he did everything. First he said I have to stay in bed and not to move a lot.

When I woke up today, I tried to get ready. Hair and make up was done in an hour and when I fitted my gown and wore my shoes (with little heels) I couldn’t walk. I mean I could but I would be limping. How can I walk during the wedding march limping? How? Aside from that I would be in pain the whole time (pain meds didn’t work).

I decided to text Tina M. and told her my situation. I know that she must have been harassed already at that time. But I needed to let her know.

I felt so guilty the whole day. Like I’m really so sorry I was not able to go. Like, really.

I spent the whole day bedridden feeling sorry for myself and praying that the bride and the groom will understand my situation.

Congratulations to Piero and Rain! To the parents of the groom, Peter and Cristina Rodriguez. And the parents of the bride, Jorge Lorenzo and Cristina Mariano.

Wish you a lifelong happiness!

Please forgive me.



  • Ouch. I have that back pain that just happens out of nowhere, once in a blue moon. I hate it when it happens. (And today, I sprained my ankle.) Hay, ha-ha.

  • Ms. Tina I hope you are doing fine by this time. I had a back pain too last 2 weeks ago. It was so bad my husband have to dress me up. I can’t even bend to pick up stuff I dropped on the floor.

    My mother is with us so she taught me some exercises she learned in PT but it was so painful hinde ko rin nagawa. The pain has subsided but i still have a hard time bending my back. I will be seein my OB too next week.

    • Oh nooooo. You’re the second person that told me about having back pains. Why is it so uso now? Ang sakit ha!
      Up to now I really don’t know what’s causing my back pain. All my tests came out normal (ct scan and xrays). I’m really at a lost. And I don’t want to be drinking pain meds all the time cos it could scar my liver and kidney. Very dangerous.
      I hope you feel better soon Mick! 😘

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