Unboxing: Dyson Supersonic (hair dryer)

2 weeks ago when I passed by Rustan’s along Ayala Ave., I saw in their display window showcasing Dyson Supersonic hair dryer a.k.a. the worlds supreme, unequaled, first class and the most expensive hair dryer known to mankind. And I have been dying to have this in my bare hands since it came out.

I told Joshua (driver) to stop the car and I looked at it closely. Am I dreaming? I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I can’t believe that it is available here in Manila already.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is here. In Manila. Reachable now.

Just before I left for the beach, I ran to Rustan’s and picked up one before it runs out. I still haven’t use it yet until yesterday when my hair stylist came to the house to fix my hair for the wedding (that I ended up not going to, ughhh).

So, let’s unbox my Dyson Supersonic hair dryer together. I don’t want to over shadow Angie Mead’s (a.k.a. Ian King) ultimate unboxing (hahaha). He literally unbox his new Ferrari the other day. Placed the car in a box and video-ed the unboxing. No one can ever top that kind of unboxing! Go to his IG account to watch the video @hailtothe_queen_

Dyson Supersonic

It came in this big brown box. When I saw it I told myself, hmmm… bad packaging.


But when I opened the brown box there was this sleek, white box inside


Inside the box. It includes: smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, diffuser, storage hanger, non-slip mat


the hair dryer




smoothing noozle and style concentrator, non-slip mat


non-slip mat


get to know it better:



Pros: 1. no noise (there is but purring sound), therefore Schumi doesn’t freak out. My old hair dryer was so noisy, the sound wakes up the whole house, Schumi hates it and he freaks out every time I’m drying my hair 2. controlled heat therefore it doesn’t fry my hair. 3. very, very light, therefore easy to use 4. it dries your hair faster, therefore you save time and makes your life easier 5. the attachments are magnetic therefore easy to change noozles 6. you look like you just came from the parlor, therefore good hair day everyday

cons: 1. it doesn’t come with a pouch, therefore it’s hard to travel. But it’s easy to solve. I’ll just buy a small bag that will fit including all the attachments.

Price: £300, US$400, PhP22,000 (Rustan’s price)

Is it worth it? Hell, YES!

It comes in 2 color way. Black & Fushia and Silver & White


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