Product Review

It’s time to review the beauty products that I purchased recently. Everything’s piling up already in my bathroom. I need to put them away in my make up drawers.

Let’s start with drugstore. I love drugstore beauty products, I guess you know that by now. I also like the high end ones, mostly because of the name and the packaging (so luxurious). But at the end of the day, it looks the same.

That’s why I like hunting for good drugstore products. I can stay in CVS, Duane Reed, Target, etc. Β and our local drugstore version: Watson’s and Landmark (these are the 2 places that I usually go if I look for drugstore products) for hours just tinkering with the new arrivals. Just leave me in these places and I’ll be so happy! It’s my Disneyland.

Anyway, the following products is what I used today. I am sure you’ll wonder how can I review a product that I just newly opened. More or less first use I can already tell if the product is good for me and if the product is not good for me.

L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation in 204


I love the Infallible Pro-Matte. I guess everyone does. I still have to meet someone who doesn’t like it. Anyway, L’Oreal came out with Infallible Pro-Glow recently and everyone seems to like it. So, I picked this up wen I was in Target a few weeks ago.

It is exactly the same as the Pro-Matte version. The only difference is it is not matte. This is good for people who wants to look glowy and who has dry skin.

Good coverage. Easy to blend and stays in your face the whole day without touch ups.

Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops


I used darkening a few weeks ago. But I used it to contour. Today I used it to adjust the shade of my foundation. Since I’m so tan now and my foundation is light for my tan skin, I dropped a little of this and mix it with my foundation.

It adjusted the shade right away. At least I don’t need to buy dark foundation for my tan skin.

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster


I used the middle shade to contour. Like most Physicians Formula products this blended well and didn’t come out patchy on my skin.

Make up Revolution London Vivid Baked Bronzer in Ready to Go


I love this! It blended well with my foundation.

Make-up Revolution London Baked Blush in Bang Bang You’re Dead


This to me looked like a highlighter. My skin looked very bright and shiny. I like it.

Make-up Revolution London Baked Highlights in Golden Lights


This will easily become one of my favorite highlighter to date. This reminds me of The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer. Love this!

Final result





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